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Precautions for buying disposable plastic tableware

  Precautions for purchasing disposable plastic tableware

   It is necessary to see if there is information such as QS mark, production license number, manufacturer, production address, etc., to improve product quality assurance. To observe the triangle symbol on the bottom of the plastic tableware, the numbers in the triangle frame range from 1 to 7, and each number represents a different category. "05" stands for PP plastic tableware, "06" stands for PS foam lunch box. You should see the type of plastic tableware and use it under the correct conditions to avoid safety issues.

  Look at the packaging. Choose well-packaged products, pay attention to the production date and shelf life, try to choose products within the shelf life to prevent bacteria and mold; look at the appearance. To buy disposable plastic tableware with a smooth surface and uniform color, try to choose colorless and transparent products without decorative patterns. It should be observed whether the surface of the tableware is smooth and even, whether the thickness is uniform, whether there are impurities, and do not buy products that are rough, different in color and smelly.

  Smell for any peculiar smell or odor first to prevent odors from the food during use and affect food safety; see hardness. Whether the product is too soft, try not to choose products that are too soft.


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