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Precautions for purchasing paper cups


1, color
In fact, this is just the same as "good-looking apples are not necessarily delicious." Some cups look white and clean inside. In fact, this is the effect of adding a large amount of fluorescent whitening agent. Although the addition of a fluorescing agent makes the cup look very beautiful, a large amount of fluorescer can cause harm to the human body. It is recommended that when choosing a paper cup, it is best to use a fluorescent lamp to illuminate the wall of the cup. If blue is present, it proves that the fluorescent agent is exceeding the standard, so consider it again!

2, cup shape
It is understood that high-quality paper cups can be guaranteed to leak for 72 hours after being filled with water, and inferior paper cups may seep in water for 30 minutes. Therefore, when selecting, we need to pay attention to whether its shape is firm and not deformed. If the selected paper cup is deformed after being filled with water, it may not even be picked up. It is recommended not to choose. Because such a paper cup not only affects the use, the quality is not very good!

3, printing
"The cup mouth should be within 15mm from the cup body and the bottom of the cup should not be printed within 10mm from the cup body". This is specified in the national GB/T 27590-2011 standard. Because there is no ink in China that can directly contact food. In order to avoid drinking water, bring the harmful substances on the pattern into the entrance. When you choose, pay attention to the printing position.

4, smell
Some paper cups have a very pungent odor due to the poor quality of the material and the ink, which is very harmful to the body. So when choosing, try to choose paper cups with soft or no smell!

Other considerations
If the paper cup gets wet, it will form mold and it will hurt people. So try not to use those paper cups that are damp!

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