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Production process of disposable paper cups


Paper cup making process Raw paper coating---cutting----like typesetting----printing---membrane cutting---disinfection---forming---disinfection packing---into the warehouse

The first is the processing of the width of the paper, depending on the face and the way the printing plate is facing. 1. Either cut or die cut, followed by printing, 2 printing with two offset and stencil printing. 3 The next step is die cutting, which is to cut the printed paper into a fan-shaped piece of paper. It should also be said that some advanced machines can be die-cut by themselves, and 4 is finally formed. The forming needs to have two parts: the cup body and the bottom of the cup. The so-called cup body is the fan-shaped piece cut out from the front, and the bottom of the cup is a paper roll of different specifications. Slitting [cross-cutting] printing, die-cutting, forming, there are 4 kinds of machines in 4 processes, and 4 kinds of machines have an auxiliary resource in operation, that is, compressed air. The equipment has slitting machine, die cutting machine, (prepress equipment: plate making, printing plate), printing machine, paper cup forming machine.

The production process of the cold drink cup is directly printed by the paper cup base paper, die-cutting, forming and processing, and the surface is sprayed with food wax.

The production process of the hot drink cup is made by laminating the paper base paper into paper cup paper, printing, die cutting and forming.

Hot cups need to be coated, not waxed, because heat can cause the wax to melt and be harmful to the body. This is the difference. Paper cup paper printing uses a flexible version of water-based ink.

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