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PVC: polyvinyl chloride


PVC is now used to make some cheap artificial leather, foot mats, sewer pipes, etc.; due to its good electrical properties and certain self-flame retardant properties, PVC is widely used in the manufacture of wire and cable sheaths. In addition, PVC is widely used in the industrial field, especially where high acid and alkali corrosion resistance is required.

Commonly used for: raincoats, PVC plastic conduits, water pipes, plastic switches, sockets. Advantages: high strength, weather resistance and good corrosion resistance.

Note: This material can only be used at temperatures up to 81 ° C, so it cannot be used at higher temperatures. A large number of plasticizers (plasticizers such as DOP) and heat stabilizers containing heavy metals are used in the production of PVC, and the synthesis process is difficult to prevent the presence of free monomers. When high temperature and oil are encountered, toxic substances are easily precipitated, which is easy to cause cancer. Therefore, PVC is basically replaced by PP and PE in contact with human body, especially for medical and food applications.

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