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Selection guide for disposable plastic lunch boxes


One of the widely circulated lunch boxes on the market is disposable plastic lunch boxes, which are favored by many restaurants and consumers. But the disposable plastic lunch boxes used in each store are different, including quality, thickness, appearance and so on. If we want to satisfy both businesses and consumers, how to choose disposable plastic lunch boxes? Here are a few principles for choosing disposable environmental friendly tableware manufacturers.

First of all, clearly understand the purpose of purchasing lunch boxes. Before purchasing, you must be clear about what you are using to buy your own lunch boxes, because different uses can buy different lunch boxes, which can save a lot of costs.

Second, identify the raw materials and hygiene of products. After knowing the use of purchased products, we must pay attention to the safety of products. Then the safety mainly lies in the raw materials for making products, especially plastic materials. Different raw materials have different characteristics, such as heat resistance. Some raw materials melt and release toxic substances when they meet high temperature. So purchased. Attention must be paid to it.

Thirdly, there is the practicability of the lunch box. Because lunch boxes are mainly used to store things, such as some safe lunch boxes, if they are to be placed in the refrigerator or storage cabinet, they are easily limited by the limited space, so when buying, the size of the lunch box must be taken into account, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble in future life.

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