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The Benefits of Using CPET Tray

CPET Tray is a world-class thermal and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape product. This brand of thermal adhesive tape has been used for decades and continues to gain much popularity around the globe. The packaging design with CPET trays is used very widely, not only for dry and fresh goods. The tapes are also temperature resistant up to -40 degree C, dust-resistant, unbreakable, scratch proof, grease-proof, cut-resistant, and suitable for usage in microwave and convection ovens as well. They can be easily cut according to the shape of the box or boxboard or wrapped to customize the design on the box or wrapping. The main purpose of using CPET tape is to provide maximum usage with the least amount of cleaning.

These adhesive tapes can be very useful to prevent breakage or stains in food preparation area. They are also very useful in high-temperature food preparation, as they prevent discoloration at high temperatures. They also prevent damage to electrical equipment that work under extreme temperatures, like fryers, food processors and other electronic appliances. The tray can also be useful in cleaning electronic parts, in cleaning display panels, in protecting delicate computer parts from scratches and bumps. They can also be useful in maintaining and protecting office cubicles, uniforms, and other items in the food preparation area.

CPET is available in different packaging options. Flat sheets of the adhesive tapes are available in a package of multiple trays, packages of single trays, and rolls of single trays in various sizes. The flat sheet packaging option of CPET is best suited for smaller applications, where there is less space to package and seal the CPET tape. For high-end and large-scale packaging needs, the continuous-pull packaging option of CPET is the best choice. In this packaging option, the continuous pull strips of the tape are arranged in an overlapping pattern, which helps to form a seal when they are placed over a package.

The packaging of the CPET tray is made from aluminium trays coated with melamine. This makes it suitable for food service equipment. The melamine coating helps to prevent moisture absorption and therefore makes it safe for food processing applications, like those used in restaurants. The presence of melamine prevents the growth of mould and spoilage.

The application of the CPET tray in the food service industry is a great opportunity to promote high food safety and production efficiency. The tray is able to reduce heat formation on hot plates and utensils, which lead to food contamination. It can also provide a clear barrier between the surface of the food and the hot exhaust. This prevents the loss of valuable nutrients and prevents cross-contamination of raw materials during production and handling of products, and during washing, drying and packaging of finished goods.

The manufacturing process of the CPET trays requires low to moderate temperatures of approximately 50 degree Celsius and regular wiping. The ability of the metal to withstand heat and moisture makes it a desirable choice for the food industry. The durability of the aluminium trays makes it possible to offer these trays for a longer period of time. The consistent application of CPET-coated aluminium trays in various food processing applications proves its efficacy and contributes to its popularity.

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