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The CPET Tray From microwaves to Ovens

CPET trays are definitely the best choice of the prepared meal concept. They were specially designed for convenient grab & go situations. Meals can still be stored frozen and reheated if on hand.

The tray is made up of durable stainless steel with non-stick interlocking tabs and a snap closure. There is a flexible interior that allows for the easy removal of trays to clean, and the elimination of odors caused by spices and food. The barrier prevents the food from touching the inner walls which may cause it to stick. The inner surface is also very smooth, allowing a thorough clean. They come in various colors and patterns and are made for all types of dishes. They are great for hot and cold meals and are a preferred choice for catering firms, restaurants, hotels and cafeterias.

The tray has several features that allow for the preparation of several different types of meals including ready meals. Ready meal trays have a unique mechanism that prevents food from sticking on the outer surface. This is done through a patented liquid suspension system. Food just slides off the prepared tray into the dishwasher or microwaves safely. The tray is guaranteed for life and does not require yearly replacement or repairs.

The durability of these trays is unmatched. They do not crack or break and they are very difficult to cut through. The rigid interlocking tabs ensure that the barrier remains intact even after years of constant use. It is very easy to maintain and clean the CPET Ready Meal Trays because they require very little cleaning after each use and they are resistant to odors.

The manufacturing process for these fantastic aluminum trays is very accurate and precise. Each sheet of these amazing trays is manufactured to exacting specifications. Only the finest aluminium and the best materials are used during the manufacturing process to ensure that these amazing ready meals remain free of contamination for as long as possible. If you are someone who likes to save money on any purchases and you want to be able to eat healthier then the CPET Ready Meal Trays are a must have item in your household.

The CPET Ready Meal Tray is one of the best microwave and oven trays on the market today and it is guaranteed for life. The durable and sleek design of the CPET tray will allow you to easily place your prepared meal on the tray and place your plate by the sink to eat. You can enjoy delicious meals and you won't be paying full price for them either.

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