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The Disposable Packaging Tray can be made from plastic or a cardboard frame

What Is a Disposable Packaging Tray?

A Disposable Packaging Tray is a tray that serves to store and display packaged items. Its design is generally based on a two-well configuration, with an arched floor. The floor includes troughs that extend from each end of the arch towards the wells. These wells receive a liquid-absorbing pad. The walls of the wells contain projections that keep the pad in place.

The troughs are made of a thin plastic film, which can be polystyrene. The filling portion is corrugated, forming troughs 52 running lengthwise and terminating in wells 53L and 53R. The fill is then inserted into the troughs, which are lined with a pad of absorbent material. In addition to the pad, the sides of the tray may have a recessed area to keep the pad in place.

The Disposable Packaging Tray can be made from plastic or a cardboard frame. The plastic member may be entirely transparent or may include side walls that don't need to be clamped to the frame. It may also have one or more troughs that extend through the bottom of the trough.

These trays are useful for a number of different purposes. They can be used in a variety of environments, including food trucks, snack stands, deli counters, and butcher shops. They are also biodegradable and are less expensive than other food-safe trays. The best part is that they can be recycled after use.

Biodegradable food trays can biodegrade within thirty to sixty days. Unlike petroleum-based food trays that take thousands of years to degrade, these biodegradable trays provide the environment with natural ingredients. Hence, biodegradable food trays are the perfect environmentally-friendly solution for food packaging.

Polystyrene food trays are another example of a Disposable Packaging Tray. Polystyrene food trays have a large surface area and occupy a lot of volume. This makes them an excellent option for packaging hot and spicy foods. They can also be used as a container for drinks and beverages.

The process starts with two rolls of paperboard. One roll is made of virgin kraft paperboard, while the other is covered with an extruded polyethylene coating. The paperboard is then laminated together. The paperboard is then covered with a waterproof coating 80. Other waterproof coatings may be used.

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