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There are many advantages of using disposable plastic trays

Disadvantages of the Disposable Plastic Tray
There are many advantages of using disposable plastic trays. For example, they can be used for food storage, a variety of craft projects, or for organizing procedure items. They are also easy to use and transport. This is especially helpful in countries where personnel costs are high. However, it is important to note that there are some disadvantages.
Despite its benefits, disposable trays do not offer the same accuracy as metal trays. In particular, they evaluated the dimensional accuracy of impressions taken with VPS and PE materials. It was found that the dimensional deviations of the plaster casts were small for both materials. On the other hand, the angular deviations were larger for the plastic trays.
The results showed that the differences in accuracy between the two materials were not clinically relevant. Additionally, the local accuracy of the impressions was excellent for both materials. Even though the angular deviations were lower for the plastic trays than for the metal trays, the overall accuracy was slightly lower.
In addition, the study discovered that the torsional rigidity of the plastic trays was lower than for the metal trays. Since the plastic tray was also a flexible material, the torsional deviations were significantly higher. These results may be due to the shrinkage of the impression material.
Furthermore, the authors observed a slight but significant advantage for the metal trays when the precision ranged from 6-16 mm. Although, this was not a major issue, it should be considered.
As an alternative to metal trays, it may be wise to use plastic trays, since they are more affordable. They can also be easily cleaned and reused. But it is not known if the accuracy of the impressions made with disposable plastic trays is lower than that of metal trays. Therefore, further investigation should be conducted to determine if this is true.
Disposable plastic trays are suitable for use in countries where staff costs are high. This is because they are lightweight and allow for cleanliness. However, they can create a lot of waste. Thus, they are not appropriate for use in the production of fixed dental prostheses.
Despite the fact that the study showed that disposable trays are not inaccurate, there are still concerns about the quality of the angular deviations and the torsional rigidity. These concerns have led to the development of new generation stock plastic trays, which have a retentive fleece to hold the impression material in place.
Although the results of the present study have shown that the angular deviations are lower than the results of the early review, they are still higher than the angular deviations of the plaster casts. Moreover, the results are somewhat less accurate than the initial review, which was based on the same material.
Nevertheless, it should be noted that the difference between the plastic and metal trays is not clinically relevant. It is, however, useful for organizations to know the advantages of using a disposable tray over a conventional metal one.

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