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There are so many types of disposable packaging boxes?

With the development of the fast food box takeaway industry in recent years, disposable packaging boxes have also continued to develop. With the competition of home furnishings, the packaging box market is constantly updated and upgraded. Traditional foam lunch boxes can no longer meet people's requirements for health and environmental protection. Gradually withdrawing from the market, disposable environmental packaging boxes seize the opportunity to take advantage of the trend and become a new choice for people to pack boxes.

Disposable packaging boxes can be generally divided into plastic type, cardboard type, starch type, pulp molding type, plant fiber type, degradable plastic lunch box, biodegradable lunch box and other types. The following is an analysis for you one by one.

Disposable lunch boxes made of plastic are what we often call disposable PP packaging boxes and PS packaging boxes. Compared with other plastics, both are non-toxic, tasteless and odorless, so they are especially suitable for holding hot rice. Hot dishes, which can be heated in a microwave oven, is a commonly introduced one.

Cardboard fast food boxes are made of 300-350 grams of bleached sulphate wood pulp paperboard through a specific process. In the process of production and use, it is non-toxic and has no side effects to the human body. However, the quality requirements for cardboard are higher, and the cost is also increased.

Starch type, edible fast food box with starch as raw material. This is a brand new lunch box, which is currently not very popular.

Pulp molding type, this kind of wood raw materials is used to damage the trees, and the other is to increase a lot of chemical substances, which is not environmentally friendly, and it is not recommended to buy.

Plant fiber lunch boxes, in terms of environmental protection advantages, plant fiber lunch boxes have obvious advantages. The use of agricultural scraps can become industrial raw materials and contribute to the comprehensive utilization of agricultural resources.

Biodegradable plastic lunch boxes. The raw materials for this kind of lunch boxes are biodegradable plastics. However, the current technology makes the degradable materials only change from large to small garbage, which cannot solve the pollution problem.

The biodegradable lunch box is a relatively advanced environmentally friendly product. It uses starch as the main raw material, adds annual plant fiber powder and special additives, and is processed by chemical and physical methods to make a biodegradable fast food box. Therefore, the pollution problem of general degradable lunch boxes is solved.


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