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To select a qualified paper cup

To select a qualified paper cup, first look at the QS production license mark, manufacturer information and production date on the paper cup outer packaging. Also check the applicable range indicated on the package. Regular disposable paper cups are marked with the applicable temperature of the paper cup.

Then look at the appearance of the paper cup, the cup cup should not be sunken and wrinkled; the laminating layer and the waxing layer should be even, and the cup should be clean and free of foreign matter. The printed appearance of the paper cup, the simpler the color, the better. The printed pattern should have a clear outline, uniform color, and no visible spots. Paper cups should not be printed within 15 mm of the cup body and 10 mm from the bottom of the cup. Although the ink composition is not necessarily brought into the food because of the protection of the coating, it is safer to select a paper cup with no printing at the bottom of the cup.

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