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What are the advantages of making disposable foods with polypropylene PP?


Disposable tableware is very common in our life. We can see them in many cases. It is more common to make disposable tableware with PP material. The following disposable tableware manufacturers will introduce to you some of the advantages of making disposable meals with polypropylene PP material?

Strength, elongation, initial modulus and elasticity of PP fiber are high. Therefore, the wear resistance of polypropylene fiber is good. In addition, the wet strength of polypropylene fiber is basically equal to dry strength, so it is an ideal material for making fishing nets and cables.

Hygroscopicity and dyeing properties are light and warm, hardly hygroscopicity, but core absorption ability is strong, hygroscopicity and sweat evident; polypropylene fiber hygroscopicity is very small, almost no hygroscopicity, moisture regain under general atmospheric conditions is close to zero. But it has a wicking effect and can transfer water vapor through capillaries in fabrics, but it does not absorb any water itself. Polypropylene fibers have poor dyeability and incomplete chromatogram, but they can be remedied by original solution coloring.

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