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What are the key advantages of using EVOH barrier trays over traditional packaging materials?

Using EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol) barrier trays in packaging offers several key advantages over traditional packaging materials:
1.Excellent Oxygen Barrier:
EVOH's outstanding oxygen barrier properties significantly reduce the ingress of oxygen into packaged products. This feature is pivotal for extending the shelf life of oxygen-sensitive goods, such as fresh produce, meat, and dairy items.
The low oxygen permeability of EVOH helps maintain the quality, flavor, and nutritional value of packaged products, reducing the likelihood of premature spoilage and product degradation.
2.Reduced Food Waste:
EVOH barrier trays play a critical role in minimizing food waste throughout the supply chain. By preserving product freshness and integrity, they contribute to a reduction in unsold or discarded goods.
This reduction in food waste not only aligns with sustainability goals but also translates into substantial cost savings for manufacturers and retailers.
3.Enhanced Product Protection:
Beyond oxygen, EVOH barrier trays offer protection against moisture, odors, and external contaminants. This comprehensive barrier helps ensure the safety and hygiene of packaged products.
The ability to shield products from external factors is particularly advantageous for items with stringent quality and safety requirements.
4.Transparent and Clarity:
EVOH's exceptional clarity and transparency enhance product visibility for consumers. It allows them to assess the quality and condition of the product without opening the packaging.
This transparency is particularly beneficial for marketing premium and fresh products that rely on visual appeal.
EVOH barrier trays are versatile in their application, accommodating a wide range of products across various industries. They are commonly employed in packaging fresh produce, meats, dairy, and convenience foods.
This versatility simplifies inventory management and offers a standardized packaging solution for diverse product lines.
EVOH barrier trays can be customized in terms of size, shape, and design to meet specific packaging requirements. This flexibility allows manufacturers to tailor packaging solutions to fit their unique products.
Customization options can include tray dimensions, compartmentalization, and branding opportunities, ensuring a tailored packaging approach.
Some EVOH barrier trays are designed with recyclability in mind, aligning with the growing emphasis on sustainable packaging solutions.
These trays can contribute to a reduction in plastic waste and support a circular economy by being reused or recycled into new packaging materials.
8.Improved Shelf Presentation:
EVOH trays maintain their structural integrity, even during handling and transportation. This ensures that products maintain an appealing appearance on retail shelves.
Consistency in presentation enhances product visibility and attractiveness to consumers.
9.Reduced Need for Preservatives:
The robust oxygen barrier provided by EVOH may reduce the reliance on chemical preservatives in food products. This is especially relevant to consumers seeking cleaner ingredient labels.
It aligns with consumer preferences for products with fewer additives and preservatives, enhancing the marketability of packaged goods.

Specification: 220 x168x30(mm)
Material: PP
Categories: MAP Barrier Tray
Our MAP trays are made from a high barrier, polypropylene material that can help extend shelf life. Hermetically sealed with barrier lidding film, the final output is a leak-proof package. This solid barrier tray/lidding film combination provides a self-contained BARRIER unit.

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