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What are the main ingredients of disposable plastic tableware

   When we learned about the market, we found that disposable products are more popular with the public, and in this case, disposable plastic tableware is one of the most eye-catching products. Now, let's briefly introduce what the main ingredients of this product are, so that we can use it more safely.

   First of all, we can understand that the main product component of the disposable plastic tableware is polypropylene, and the other components are mainly produced based on antireflection. When we use this product, it is precisely because of the one-time performance of the product that determines the high temperature resistance and convenient performance of the product, which can make our life more convenient.

On the other hand, some disposable plastic tableware uses polyethylene as the main raw material, and the products made in this way cannot be used in lunch boxes, because its high temperature resistance is very poor, and it is easy to produce during use. A certain deformation, which affects our use.

Selection criteria for disposable plastic tableware

   Since the ban on disposable plastic tableware was lifted again, the production and use of this type of tableware have been greatly expanded. The purchase of tableware by households in various catering industries and households with demand has also increased a lot. Although such a situation is a good thing from the perspective of market development, it is much more difficult when the degree of management regulation is not high enough. Everyone must raise the purchasing standards and choose carefully to choose suitable and safe tableware.

   The selection criteria for disposable plastic tableware includes the following parts. First, disposable tableware also has different grades. You can choose suitable tableware according to the banquet specifications and the value of the dishes. Second, the choice of tableware color patterns should follow the usage habits and the user's aesthetic habits, but in general, it is best not to choose the types of plastic tableware that are too complex and diverse, especially the types that use unhealthy paint spraying. Third, pay attention to the materials and materials to ensure that the tableware plastic is healthy plastic and can withstand the high temperature of food. Do not choose irregular disposable plastic tableware that is harmful to chemicals.


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