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What are the safer materials for environmentally friendly tableware?


Environmental protection tableware can be used in a variety of materials, different materials also have different characteristics, the following disposable environmental protection tableware manufacturers will give you a detailed introduction!

It is understood that some lunch boxes are made of PP material, but the lid is different from the box material, possibly PE material. The melting point of PP material can reach 167 C. There is no problem when it is put into microwave oven, but PE material can not withstand high temperature. Therefore, when buying lunch boxes, we must be sure that the boxes and lids are of a material. If the lid is PE, we should not put it into the microwave oven with the box. If it is necessary to insulate the lunch box, as far as the insulation effect is concerned, it has nothing to do with the material of the inner gallbladder, the key is the vacuum inside.

It needs to be reminded that even qualified plastic tableware is harmful when used incorrectly. Only PP polypropylene plastic products can be heated in microwave oven, and when heated in microwave oven, plastic boxes should be avoided to heat food containing a lot of fat and sugar. If the food is high in oil or sugar, the temperature may exceed the marked tolerance temperature when heated. It is suggested that the special glass or ceramic utensils for microwave oven be used for heating. The popularity of microwave ovens is very high, so the sales of microwave oven lunch boxes in supermarkets are very large. Many people pay attention to the material of the lunch box when they buy it. They all know that PP material is better.

Many environmentally friendly lunch boxes are made of resin for the sake of lightness, but when they come across hot soup and hot noodles, toxic substances will be released, especially those plastic dishes with unsafe quality, which not only pollute the environment, but also may affect the health of liver, kidney and reproductive system, while stainless steel dishes do not have these concerns.

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