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What are the three sizes of coffee cups?


The size is roughly divided into three types, and these three sizes can roughly judge the intensity of a cup of coffee. The generalization is that the smaller the volume, the stronger the coffee inside.

1, small coffee cup (50ml ~ 80ml) is generally called espresso cup, suitable for taste of pure quality coffee or strong hot Italian coffee. For example, Espresso, which is only about 50cc, can be used in almost one bite, but the aftertaste of the mellow, and the temperature that seems to be warm forever, is the most gentle and gastrointestinal. The Cappuccino with milk foam has a slightly larger capacity than the Espresso, and the wide cup mouth can display a rich and beautiful foam.

2, medium-sized coffee cup (120ml ~ 140ml), this is the most common coffee cup, light American coffee to choose such a cup. The characteristics of this type of cup are that there will be room for people to make their own adjustments, such as adding milk and sugar, sometimes it is also called Cappuccino cup.

3, large coffee cups (300ml or more), generally for mugs or French Ou Lei special milk coffee cups. Coffee with a lot of milk, like latte, American mocha, and more mugs, is enough to accommodate its sweet and varied taste; while the romantic Frenchman often uses a large bowl of milk coffee to render the mood of the whole morning. .

The freehand brushwork of the coffee cup is like a painter's stunning brushstroke, which gives people a subtle psychological feeling. Made of high-quality porcelain clay, it is free of lead and chrome and other toxic substances, safe and healthy. Finely polished edges for a comfortable touch.

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