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What does a complete set of Chinese tableware include?


Chinese tableware has a long history and rich usage etiquette, but do you know what a complete set of Chinese tableware includes? Now let the small edition of disposable tableware manufacturers tell you about it!

The complete Chinese tableware includes chopsticks, spoons, bowls, plates, soup cups, water cups, toothpicks and napkins.

Notes for the use of Chinese tableware:

1. Chopsticks: Chopsticks are the most important utensils for Chinese food. Chopsticks must be used in pairs.

2. Spoon: The main function of the spoon is to scoop up the dishes and food, but try not to use the spoon alone to pick up the dishes, you can use chopsticks as an auxiliary.

3. Bowls: Bowls can be used to serve rice and soup. When eating, bowls can be eaten with hands. When you take the bowl, support the bottom of the bowl with four fingers of your left hand, and place your thumb at the end of the bowl. When eating, the height of the bowl is roughly the same as that of the chin.

4. Plate: A smaller plate is called a dish. It is mainly used to hold food. Its use is roughly the same as that of a bowl. During meals, dishes on the table are generally required to remain in place and not piled together.

There is a special kind of dish called dish. The main function of dishes in Chinese food is to temporarily put dishes from public dishes for enjoyment. When using dishes, do not usually take too many dishes in the dishes. Do not spit food residues, bones and fish bones on the table, but gently take them at the front of the dish. When taking them, do not spit them directly from your mouth to the dish, but use chopstick clips to place them at the front of the dish. If the dishes are full, the waiter may be asked to change the dishes.

5. Tangju: Tangju is used to hold soup food.

6. Water Cup: The water cup for Chinese food is mainly used for soft drinks such as clear water, fruit juice and soda.

7. toothpicks: toothpicks have two functions: one is to take food; the other is to pick teeth.

8. Napkin: Before a Chinese meal, a wet towel is usually put on each diner. The function of this wet towel is to wipe hands. After wiping hands, it should be put back on the plate and taken away by the waiter. Before the end of the banquet, the waiter will put on another wet towel, which is used to wipe the mouth, not to wipe the face or sweat.

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