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What kind of tableware is good for health?


There are a lot of factors affecting health. Tableware is a lot of items in daily life. What is the relationship between the two? What is the impact of tableware on health?

According to the Times of India, experimental psychologists at the University of Oxford found that the taste of food is affected by many factors such as the material, weight and color of the tableware. Sometimes changing a tableware will make your appetite increase.

Tableware affects health? What kind of tableware is good for health?

The test results show that eating with metal chopsticks, cutlery and forks, compared with eating with wooden and plastic tableware, will make people feel that the food is more salty, the taste is thicker and the grade is higher. Old people often have a bad appetite. Try changing stainless steel chopsticks. These chopsticks are more environmentally friendly than traditional wood and plastic chopsticks, have a longer life and are easier to clean, avoiding bacterial growth. However, it should be noted that metal chopsticks have strong thermal conductivity and are burnt with caution when eating hot food.

In addition, in terms of the color of the tableware, the drink is served in a glass with a cool color, which makes people feel more refreshed; drinking yogurt with a white spoon makes the taste sweeter. This research helps people control their diet. For example, people who love salty can use less metal salt to put less salt, and those who are losing weight can use plastic (PS) tableware. The use of disposable crystal tableware for restaurant dining is healthier than disinfection tableware. One-time crystal tableware can be used once to prevent infection. The disinfection tableware porcelain itself has no problem, but most of it is not disinfected at all, and there are great hidden dangers.

The influence of tableware and health is still very big. If you want to make your life more healthy, you may wish to give it a try. These little habits are still very beneficial to everyone.

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