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Why are inferior disposable tableware still so stingy?


Poor disposable tableware is harmful to human body and environment, so we should try our best to use porcelain or glass tableware in our daily life, and then choose environmentally friendly tableware. Next, tableware manufacturers to tell you why some inferior tableware manufacturers are still rampant reasons!

Talc added by many manufacturers in raw materials of products

Powder, calcium carbonate and so on exceeded 50%, which led to serious exceeding of harmful substances in tableware. When heated water and microwave oven are used, harmful substances will dissolve in food. Long-term intake will lead to indigestion, gallstones and liver diseases. If the tableware contains industrial paraffin, it may even cause cancer.

Many manufacturers do not use food-grade wood pulp and paper in order to expand their profits. Subprime is everywhere. If the paper quality is not good (recycled waste paper), then use bleaching powder and fluorescent brightener, which is indistinguishable from ordinary consumers.

The health department manages the environmental hygiene and tableware disinfection of catering enterprises, the quality supervision department manages the production field, the industry and commerce department manages the circulation field, and the most critical use link has become'three regardless'. But restaurant packing and delivery companies use disposable tableware, which is a key link. 80% of the degradable lunch boxes labeled on the market are inferior products.

Bad disposable tableware is still active, and it has nothing to do with ourselves! As long as we resist in peacetime, we don't use it. Then those inferior disposable tableware manufacturers will lose the market, can not make profits, naturally will not appear again!

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