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Why CPET Trays Are Ideal For Food Packaging and Delivery?

CPET trays are a new addition to the food service equipment arena. These are the perfect solutions for handling raw meat or fish, frozen or dried fish, and also canned foods. The packaging concept of using CPET trays for your products can be utilized very extensively, for both cold and hot products. The trays have been tested for durability, flexibility and safety and is suitable for continuous usage for up to 40 years.

One of the most popular uses of the CPET tray is on the preparation of raw foods or meat. The tray has been proven for reliability and flexibility, making it suitable for handling a wide variety of raw dishes and meals. The manufacturing company, CPET makes the CPET trays as per the specifications of the food service industry. This company also makes the food service equipment like slicers, choppers, peelers and cutters that work well with the trays. The tray has been proven as the best packaging option for storing vegetables and fruits, especially tomatoes and berries. The tray not only adds to the freshness of the food but also helps cut down on wastage of the vegetables or fruit, and improve storage and marketing of these products.

The CPET tray is now being used in a wide range of food service applications including ready meal packaging and vacuum packing. These trays have been adopted by the catering industry, supermarkets, and fast food chains that are looking for durable and long lasting packaging material for their product. The cpet trays are made from lightweight aluminum alloy frame and hard-wearing finish. The aluminum frame allows CPET trays to be conveniently packed, unrolled and stored without damaging the fragile parts.

The main benefit of using CPET ready meals is its ability to retain and maintain its freshness and taste for several weeks even in extreme weather conditions. As it maintains its freshness for such a long period, these cpet trays help control cost involved in marketing ready meals by controlling the price, thereby reducing the operational cost. Another major benefit is that it offers a uniform distribution of nutrients and vitamins and is suitable for all type of foods regardless of their preparation method and temperature range. The uniform distribution of nutrients ensures a balanced nutrition level that aids the body metabolism. In addition to this, the barrier properties of the cpet trays prevent heat, moisture, air and light from reaching the food particles inside for maximum protection.

The most attractive aspect of CPET tray is its easy mobility and its ability to maintain and provide a controlled environment to promote healthy food consumption. The versatility of the cpet trays makes them suitable and useful in a wide range of applications. In fact, due to their strength and durability, they have been accepted as an ideal choice by most major retailers.

Most of the leading grocery stores and food service providers are already using a-set on-trays for the promotion of their products because of their flexibility and durability. They are able to achieve high barrier and temperature resistance levels which are essential in providing healthy, safe food to consumers. Moreover, as it is recyclable, they help reduce landfill waste and are environment-friendly. Therefore, c-pet trays and CPET ovens are ideal solutions for fast food packaging and delivery system in the retail sector, providing consistent high quality food for consumers.

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