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Why should we use disposable wooden chopsticks?

Everyone has the experience of using disposable chopsticks when dining out, and many people are only willing to use disposable chopsticks when dining out, thinking that it is more hygienic and safe. However, in order to reduce costs, some small workshops use low-quality wood. In order to "whiten" chopsticks, some criminals will be bleached with sulfur fumigation. When eating with this kind of chopsticks, the residual sulfur dioxide enters the body.

How to avoid "poisoning" when using disposable chopsticks?

After getting the disposable chopsticks, observe its outer packaging to see if the manufacturer’s name, trademark and contact information are printed on the packaging. Disposable chopsticks that indicate high temperature sterilization and white color are not credible.

You can also smell the smell of chopsticks, if there is sour sulfur smell, it is best not to use. Do not immerse wooden chopsticks in hot soup or hot porridge for a long time during meals, as this will accelerate the decomposition of sulfur dioxide. The surface of the chopsticks can be cleaned with cold water to reduce residual sulfur dioxide.

Inferior paper cups are harmful to the human body

According to industry sources, when people choose disposable paper cups, they first consider the price factor, and then look at whether the color of the paper cup is white or not, and the whiter the color of the paper cup, the more hygienic it is. In order to make the cup look whiter, some paper cup manufacturers add a large amount of fluorescent whitening agent.

Once this fluorescent substance enters the human body, it becomes a potential pathogenic factor. Secondly, unqualified paper cups are generally very soft and easily deformed after being poured into water. Some paper cups have poor airtightness, and the bottom of the cup is prone to water seepage, which can easily burn hands with hot water. What's more, if you gently touch the inside of the paper cup with your hand, you can feel the fine powder on it, and the touch of your finger will also turn white. This is a typical inferior paper cup.


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