Note on the purchase of disposable cups:

Update:25 May 2019

  First, it depends on the product packaging, the […]


First, it depends on the product packaging, the name of the manufacturer, the QS production license and serial number, the address of the manufacturer, the product execution standard, the date of manufacture, and the validity period. It is best not to buy packaging that is too inferior and too rough to print.

Second, you should choose a product that is full in shape, wrinkle-free, has a certain thickness, and is not easily deformed. If the cup is too soft or the cup is torn, it is easily broken, and most of them are unqualified products.

Third, if you smell a smell, if you open the paper cup packaging, it is very big, mostly because the manufacturer uses inferior toxic ink.

Fourth, don't greet the paper cups that are too white, and the white paper cups are likely to add fluorescent substances. It is not easy to be decomposed and eliminated. Accumulation in the body will affect the normal development and growth of cells, which will cause cell variability, weaken immunity and endanger human health. Therefore, experts suggest: paper cups, or a lighter color.