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Paper cup printing technology


Processing form

Paper cup paper can be processed into a conical or cylindrical cup type, and can also be processed into other shapes of ice cream cup mechanism/tissue for daily use, so the paper cup is gradually becoming popular.

Paper cups can be roughly divided into cold drink cups and hot drink cups according to their use. The quality requirements for paper cup materials vary depending on the application and the type of processing. In addition to meeting the requirements of packaging processing performance, paper cup materials must also have certain printability, and paper cup printing should also meet the conditions of heat sealing in paper cup processing.

Hot drink cup

It is usually used for the hot beverage packaging trade. The processing material is paper with single-sided PE composite, that is, single-sided coated paper. Generally, printing is performed on a non-PE surface and printed directly on the paper. Due to the needs of hot drinks, such paper cups need to have certain heat insulation after processing. Therefore, such products generally require a certain thickness and stiffness of the paper to increase the heat insulation of the paper cup. Printing and printing, the larger the volume, the more paper is used. thick.

Due to the needs of the market, printing on paper cups is a kind of propaganda method adopted by many manufacturers. At the same time, the exquisite printing patterns also put a gorgeous coat on the paper cups to bring good visual enjoyment to consumers.

The printing of single-coated PE paper is carried out on paper, so in addition to the choice of ink must meet the food hygiene requirements of e-commerce, the impact of other aspects of paper on printing is similar to plain paper.

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