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The future of the tableware market is moving towards disposable environmentally friendly tableware


The competition in tableware market has been very fierce. The disinfection and sanitation of traditional tableware is worrying. The problems of waste and environmental pollution caused by disposable meals need to be solved. 


In the application of traditional tableware, disinfection and hygiene are very important, so many manufacturers have to invest a lot of energy and financial resources in this respect. First of all, traditional restaurants need to buy a large number of tableware, dishwasher equipment, set up a special washroom at one time, also need to maintain daily depreciation and wear and tear, the formal investment needs more than one million yuan; then operating restaurants, inevitably employing dishwashers, investing a large amount of manpower and energy. A large amount of water and electricity costs will also be wasted in the continuing operation. Finally, the original dishwashing method is not clean, the modern dishwashing method is difficult to regulate, and catering operators are helpless.


The emergence of disposable environmental protection tableware has solved this problem to a great extent. The disposable environmental protection tableware can be divided into three categories according to the source of raw materials, production process, degradation mode and recovery level. 1. Biodegradable tableware: paper products, plant fiber moulding, etc. Corn starch tableware is one of the fast developing and promising types; 2. Photo/biodegradable materials. Photo/biodegradable plastics (non-foaming), such as photobiodegradable PP; 3. Easy to recycle materials: such as polypropylene (PP), natural inorganic minerals filled polypropylene composite products.


Disposable environmental protection tableware has gradually replaced the traditional tableware, with the characteristics of disposable use, clean and sanitary, waste recycling, green environmental protection and so on. After use, the landfill in the soil can be completely degraded in about 10 days, and it has no pollution to the environment. Disposable environmental protection tableware is now not only favored by more and more people, but also strongly supported by the state. Therefore, the future of disposable tableware is bound to be closer to the direction of disposable environmental protection tableware.


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