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The importance of popularizing disposable green tableware


Environmental protection has become a more and more important issue in today's society. When eating out, there must be no disposable foam lunch boxes or chopsticks. Although they are convenient to use, they will pollute the environment. In order to respond to environmental protection, the disposable snack box has been upgraded to an environmental fast food box. In doing so, has also been greatly improved! Next, will continue to introduce to you the importance of popularizing disposable environmental protection tableware!

When we go out to eat, we encounter the problem of packing. The tableware used is often disposable, but the disposable tableware brings us a lot of harm. Disposable foam utensils are used to decompose toxins when the temperature exceeds 65 degrees. When people eat foods with poison, they will also be hurt.

White pollution is also a word we often hear, one of its main sources is these disposable tableware, therefore, disposable tableware brings only harm.

But the environmental protection tableware is different, the environmental protection tableware production material is non-toxic and harmless to the human body, and there is no odor, in the production, use, destruction process will not produce pollution, the price is relatively cheap.

1. Environmental protection tableware can be reused. Whether it is used in restaurants or at home, environmental protection tableware is very safe and healthy.

2. Environmental protection tableware has exquisite appearance and various styles, which is unparalleled for disposable tableware.

3. Environmental friendly tableware can withstand the high temperature of 110 C, and will not melt, nor produce any toxic and harmful substances, and will not break at the temperature of minus 20 C.

4. Hard texture, not easy to deform, pressure-resistant, can be used as packaging boxes.

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