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The question about the color of tableware is always overlooked!


As we all know, China is a country with a long history, and the emphasis on diet is more complicated. The following disposable environmental protection tableware will give you an example of a problem that is always neglected - the color of tableware. As the color of tableware, we should not only consider the coordination with the color of the dishes, but also consider the color feelings of the diners.

Colour sentiment refers to the taboo of the diner on a certain colour. Because of the different customs and religious beliefs of different nationalities in the world, the feelings of color are also very different. For example, China mostly uses blue and white tableware, which gives people a calm, solemn, simple and generous mood. Most countries in the world also like this color, but the Turkish people do not like this color.

Fancy meals and dragon and Phoenix restaurants around the world mostly use pink fine porcelain tableware. This color symbolizes nobility, magnificence and glory. It is the color of the monarch. Islamic people taboo this color, which is also the symbol of death in Syria. So we should pay attention to the color feelings of the diners when matching the tableware, so as to increase the atmosphere of the banquet. To serve different kinds of dishes, different kinds of dishes should be equipped with different kinds of dishes. That is to say, when choosing different kinds of dishes, we should make clear the degree of dryness and wetness, the condition of softness and hardness, and the amount of soup juice, and use suitable tableware such as flat plate, soup plate and bowl. It is not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for convenience of eating. For example, dry dishes are usually served on flat plates or dishes; dishes without sauce or soup, such as fried, fried, fried or exploded dishes, should be served on flat plates; dishes with more soup should be served on soup plates to prevent the overflow of soup and inconvenience to diners, so as to avoid affecting the beauty of dishes and destroying the attributes of dishes.

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