What are the disinfection methods of plastic products?

Update:14 Dec 2019

  Plastic tableware is very common nowadays. They […]


Plastic tableware is very common nowadays. They can be seen everywhere - cups for drinking water, bowls and plates for eating, as well as various packaging bags, fresh-keeping film and so on. Plastic tableware may smell when it is first bought, often contaminated with various bacteria, viruses and parasite eggs, and need to be disinfected to prevent diseases from entering the mouth! We should choose different disinfection methods according to different plastic tableware, so that our meals become safe, no longer afraid of bacteria and other erosion of our health. So, how should plastic tableware be disinfected? As a disposable tableware manufacturer's knitting, I will sum up a few skills for you!

1. Disinfection with salt

If the meal has a peculiar smell, open the lid and expose it to the air for one day to remove the peculiar smell, then fill it with water and add a proper amount of salt to soak for two hours, then wash it twice with boiling water.

2. Sterilization of vinegar

Soak in edible vinegar for 30 minutes, then wash it with clean water to kill bacteria. 3. Boiling disinfection

Boil in boiling water for three to five minutes. It can not only taste plastic, but also disinfect and sterilize.

4. Tea Soaking

Put a few pieces of tea or lemon in the newly purchased lunch box, then add boiling water to soak it. The disinfection can be achieved in about a day.

Note: Generally do not use disinfectant solution to disinfect. The solution contains chemical substances, which do great harm to human body. For oily leftovers such as boiled fish and braised eggplant, do not use lunch boxes to heat in microwave oven. In heating other dishes, we should pay attention to opening the lid when heating, heating time should not be too long, to avoid excessive oil temperature, harmful substances in tableware precipitation.

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