What kind of disposable tableware has a bright future?

Update:14 Mar 2020

  At present, the tableware disinfection industry […]


At present, the tableware disinfection industry lacks effective supervision, "disinfection black workshop", "one water to wash a hundred dishes", tableware cleaning and disinfection is not qualified, the use of prohibited cleaning agents, tableware cleaning secondary pollution, only cleaning and not disinfection... There are so many phenomena. This disorderly tableware disinfection industry has brought great hidden dangers to people's health. According to statistics, in recent years, infectious diseases such as hepatitis A and hepatitis B are on the rise. So now people have begun not to accept sterilized tableware. Although the country has made great efforts to renovate the market of disinfection tableware, the urgent task is to find a disposable tableware instead of this repeated use of disinfection tableware.

What's a good disposable dishware? There are three kinds of disposable tableware products on the market: paper, corn starch and polystyrene (PS).

The material of paper disposable tableware is made of bleached kraft wood pulp board weighing 300-350 grams. It is made by stamping process. In order to prevent water or oil seepage, chemical additives harmless to human body are used on the surface. The disposable tableware made of this material requires higher quality of cardboard and therefore higher cost.

Corn starch disposable tableware is made of corn starch as the main raw material, dietary fiber and other edible additives by stirring and kneading. It is refined by biological compounding, polysaccharide cross-linking, calcium ion chelating technology. It consists of compact layer, inner waterproof layer, rubber mesh layer and outer waterproof layer. At present, the corn starch content of disposable tableware on the market is not high, and the price is also high.