Why are ceramic dishes mostly used?

Update:06 Mar 2020

  In the normal human diet, ceramic tableware is s […]


In the normal human diet, ceramic tableware is still the mainstream of a tableware, so for a long time, there is no better material to replace it? Now let's look at the explanation of disposable tableware manufacturers.

In terms of the requirements of tableware, we should choose those safe and non-toxic materials. Glass and ceramics meet this requirement.

However, the physical properties of glass products are poor, and they are more fragile than porcelain products in the case of impact, knock, cold and hot mutations. Therefore, even if there are glass tableware, most of them are toughened glass, and the cost is higher. Therefore, in non-ceramic tableware, plastic meals have price advantages, while metal meals have physical properties advantages.

Glass is difficult to make the delicate feeling of porcelain products. The same bowl, the glass is often thicker and heavier.

Glass processing belongs to hot forming processing, and the processing process is complex, the machine cost is high, and the porcelain can be large or small, or even small workshop production, which makes the introduction of ceramic tableware greatly reduced, making ceramic tableware more popular.

Personal aesthetic point of view is very poor, but the quality of porcelain tableware is white, plus a simple outline, very beautiful, in turn, glass tableware due to processing conditions, mostly transparent, frosted, supplemented by a small amount of monochrome. When the dishes are loaded, the judgement is made.