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Custom LP11950 High barrier PP MAP tray for fresh or frozen food packaging


The principle and function of MAP TRAY:

MAP TRAY (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), just as its name implies, refers to the technology that artificially controls the proportion of gases (oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen etc.) in the package to extend the shelf-life.

Our MAP trays are made from a high barrier, polypropylene material that can help extend shelf life. Hermetically sealed with barrier lidding film, the final output is a leak-proof package. This solid barrier tray/lidding film combination provides a self-contained BARRIER unit.

In a closed system, the proportion of ambient gases is modified to the condition which can reduce respiration and lessen the consumption of nutrients. To restrain cells’ respiration and retard the process of metabolism, however, make cells in a dormant state rather death. And whenever cells leave the modified atmosphere, they’ll still keep their normal pace of metabolism without other side effects. Of course, all these are on the premise of low temperature.

Different contents (meat/poultry/fruit) requires different in the proportion of ambient gases

Red Meat (beef, lamb,pork) - recommend high O2 condition (60-80% Oxygen and 20-40% Co2) high rate O2 to keep the meat red and percentage of Co2 to inhibit the growth of aerobic spoilage bacteria.

Poultry - recommend Co2 and N2 condition

Fresh-cut fruit - recommend low O2 and low Co2



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