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Plastic Food Container Keeps Your Food Fresh

Recently, the busy professional women always used to make a big purchase in the weekend, they always prepare all the necessary food and meat ready in one week. But how to keep fish, meat, eggs, vegetables and fruits in fresh for a week? Today, the new plastic food container can help you solve the trouble, let you easily eat fresh food.

Today, we can see a lot of plastic food containers in major supermarkets, they are in different shapes and sizes, and most of food storage containers are in remarkable performance, superior quality, so it is more and more popular in family used.

In generally, there are many characteristics of sealed plastic food containers. For one, four locking food container means it can be safely stored soup, juice, food, etc. However, you have to make sure it is completely airtight and water proof. For another, you need to aware that this is a special type of silicone, which can prolong the preservation time, and to prevent the growth of bacteria. Besides, it can be stacked one by one, you know, small boxes can be put into large boxes which helps you save a lot of space. Also, with the development of technology, you can feel free to put them in refrigerators and microwaves without worrying that they will reseal toxic substances.

As far s we know, plastic food containers available in the market has a wide price range, then, why the price of plastic food containers is in such difference? It is because different sealed food containers use different raw materials and technics. Therefore, you should be careful in selecting of food storage containers after understanding of their raw materials and performance.

Raw material: With the emphasis of consumers on the health increasing, people are more concerned about the materials used in plastic food boxes. In general, health, safety and harmless plastic materials include PC, PE and PP materials, and the common material used for making plastic box is PP and PC material.

Transparent box: Food container is generally made of transparent or translucent material. Thus, you can easily confirm what is stocked in the box without needing to open it.

Appearance: Excellent quality Food Containers look shiny and beautifully designed without glitches.

Durable: Plastic boxes have superior impact resistance, it is not easy broken by stress or impact, and won't leave scratches.

Airtight: This is the primary importance to choose a plastic food container. Although different brands of products have different sealed ways, but the more excellent airtight of food container will be, the more longer that food will last in freshness.

Freshness: Recently, international standards is measured and evaluated by the humidity of food box, high-quality food containers is 200 times lower than ordinary containers in humidity, and lower humidity can keep food fresh for more longer time.

Microwave safe: Food storage containers can be heated directly in the microwave, but be sure, opening the lock device before you put the plastic food containers into microwave, and make sure the heating time should not exceed 3 minutes, otherwise it could easily be deformed.

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