All kinds of food preservation period (for reference)

Update:17 Jul 2018

Fresh fruit and vegetable mushroom Fruits and vegetable […]

Fresh fruit and vegetable mushroom
Fruits and vegetables harvested, still maintain absorption of O2, excreted CO2 metabolism, respiratory activity. Such as increase in reducing the content of O2 in the package and the content of CO2, can make fruits and vegetables to maintain aerobic respiration weak without anaerobic respiration, the senescence process of fresh fruits and vegetables is delayed, reduce speed and prolong the storage period of The new supersedes the old.. The modified atmosphere of fresh fruits and vegetables is composed of O2, CO2 and N2. The storage period of modified packaging is determined according to the variety and freshness of fruits and vegetables, such as strawberry, mushroom, litchi, peach and leafy vegetables. The shelf life was 15-45 days at 0-4 temperature. Low barrier diaphragm.
Cooked food
The Western poultry cooked food, cooking, stew, fast food, meat and other food products preservation, preservation and maintaining the original requirements. Preservation of gas is generally composed of CO2, N2 and other gases. After the modified atmosphere packaging, the fresh-keeping gas forms a protective film on the surface of the food so as to achieve antibacterial and fresh-keeping, and maintain the nutritious ingredients of the food and the original taste, taste and shape. The storage period was below 20 degrees Celsius for 10-15 days or more. The fresh storage period was 60-90 days at 0-4. After pasteurization (about 80 DEG C), the shelf life was more than 60-90 days at room temperature. High resistance diaphragm is required. Using modified atmosphere packaging and natural biological technology can achieve better results.
Fresh livestock and poultry
The modified packing gas of fresh pig, beef and mutton is composed of CO2, O2 and other gases. High concentration of O2 can make myoglobin oxidation to myoglobin in meat, which can keep fresh red flesh. CO2 is used for bacteriostasis and antisepsis. The shelf life was 7-30 days at 0-4 temperature. Fresh poultry with CO2, N2 and other fresh-keeping gas, the shelf life of up to 15-30 days. With natural biotechnology, can be sold at room temperature for 2-5 days.
Fresh seafood
Fresh fish and other aquatic products are perishable foods with high moisture content. Anaerobic bacteria are one of the spoilage factors of fresh aquatic products at low temperature storage, and produce toxins which are harmful to human health. The fresh-keeping gas is composed of O2, CO2 and N2. The fatty packed atmosphere of fatty fish is the main factor of spoilage, and the protective gas is composed of CO2 and N2. According to the variety and freshness, the fresh keeping period of fresh aquatic products is 15-30 days at the temperature of 0-4. Packaging films need to use a high barrier gas barrier composite plastic film, in order to maintain the gas concentration in the package.
Barbecue food
The deterioration of barbecue food mainly mildew, preservation requirements of mildew and to preserve flavor, preservation of gas by CO2 and N2 composition. Cake, bread and other foods during storage at room temperature for 15-60 days; period of moon cake preservation at room temperature for 30-90 days; Steamed Buns packaging film used for composite plastic membrane gas barrier, in order to maintain the concentration of the gas in the package. With natural biotechnology, preservation effect doubled.
Pickled cabbage, pickled cabbage pickled products food easy oxidation, mildew deterioration in the air, in the marinade (bulb) in the process of adding biological agents, natural gas, packaging, at room temperature can be preserved for 30-180 days. The fresh-keeping gas is composed of CO2 and N2. Diaphragm with high resistance.log on to our official website for more details